Meet your new Maritime Council of Machinists Executive Officers!

The Maritime Council of Machinists met for their biennial conference on September 22 and 23 at the Delta Halifax. Stan Pickthall, IAMAW General Vice-President Canadian Territory attended the conference and swore in the newly elected executive officers.

  • President Paul Gaudet
  • Secretary-Treasurer Donna Boudreau
  • Vice-President N.S Andrew MacFarlane
  • Vice-President N.B. Richard McGuire
  • Trustee N.S. Sylvain Bainbridge
  • Trustee N.S. Chris Snelgrove
  • Trustee N.B. Chris Arseneau
  • Auditor N.S. Rhonda Duhme
  • Recording Secretary Zita Hildebrandt
  • Grand Lodge Representative Rick Arsenault

Pictured in the image are:

Back Row (L-R) Zita Hildebrandt, Paul Gaudet, Richard McGuire, Andrew MacFarlane
Front Row (L-R) Chris Arseneau, Sylvain Bainbridge, Chris Snelgrove, Rhonda Duhme, Donna Boudreau
Stan Pickthall officiating (Photo credit: Carlos DaCosta)

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 2:59 pm